Many years ago, I set out to design a new and improved harness, and feel I have been successful in my efforts. As a long time amateur competitive skater for Canada, features performer with Ice Capades, Ice Follies, and Holiday on Ice, I recognized that certain enhancements would add to the simplicity of use and strengthen safety provisions.
The LeBel Harness has an added 'spacer bar' which allows the skater to remain straight when entering a jump. Other designs cause the skater to lean forward when entering a jump to avoid becoming entangled in the guide rope. All cables are steel aircraft galvanized 7 x 19 uniquely designed through a coach's handle for comfort, ease of operation and added security for coach and skater. The harness can also be used off-ice.

In short, I used my experience as a coach and skater to identify the weaknesses of other designs and corrected them to create a user friendly, more efficient device.

My harness has been installed in many rinks throughout the United States and Canada. Locations, to name a few, such as Mariposa Training Center, Granite Club, Toronto Cricket and Curling Skating Club, Lake Placid Olympic Training Center, International Training Center in Connecticut, and rinks from coast-to-coast can attest to my improved design.



Prices are competitive and placement can be manufacturer or user installed. Shipping is available worldwide. However, I recommend the manufacturer installation for the following reasons:

  •    First, on-site exact measurements, proper cable installation, specially designed (heavy-duty) beam clamps.

  •    Second, proper main cable tension, correct distance coach-to-skater adjustment.

  •    Third, product warranty and liability remain intact. In addition, users are provided hands-on training at the time of installation, which has been proven to be a significant benefit. At that time, questions and user difficulties can be addressed and corrected. Feedback from coaches over the years, who have had my hands-on training have felt the benefits invaluable.


    For morel information on the LeBel Harness, contact Marc LeBel by going to the contact page, or call (716) 837-3683.



    Installation options

    (depend on the construction of the rink)


    Achieve accurate body placement with this off-ice harness, which features 3 to 1 ration, reducting skater's weight facilitating coaches ability to sustain the skater off the floor with ease.

    Ice Dance Lifts



    You can contact Marc LeBel for more information about the LeBel Harness by using the form below, at the following address, or at the telephone number below. Thank you!

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